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Amazon Influencer Marketing für Ihre Produkte

AMZ-Influencer is the traffic engine for your Amazon products

With our worldwide access to influencers spanning all topics and all social media channels, we will help you to get the most out of your products. We also know which channels and influencers it takes to get your products bought on Amazon.



What we offer



Thanks to our professional selection of target group specific influencers, you will get the necessary traffic directly to your Amazon product.

All influencers always include the direct link to your product and can also present coupon codes for discount promotions to their community at the same time, if desired.



We are active in the field of influencer marketing since 2010. It all started with blog marketing and over the years we have not only gained lots of experience with influencers and their social media channels, but also in campaign management in all sectors of B2C as well as B2B. Reach out to true experts in influencer marketing field and feel the difference.



Besides getting external traffic to your Amazon product with us, you can as well get profitable test results from true expert channels. These test results can then be used for your marketing.


Through us, you will enjoy ALL the benefits of using various influencer platforms and tools. As an added benefit, however, you also access our experience and international database across all social media channels and in all countries. Don't just rely on a fraction of influencers, but enjoy the freedom to choose from the entire available market.


Why every Amazon seller should use influencer marketing

Mit Influencern Bedarf für Ihre Produkte wecken
Increase brand awareness and create demand

To begin with, influencer marketing is a highly effective way of expanding your reach and thus being able to attract a lot more potential customers.

Each influencer has his/her own followers, subscribers and regular readers and thus his/her own reach. With Influencer Marketing, they can also use these specifically to introduce and promote your Amazon products. Influencers thus make a brand or product the topic of conversation, recommend it to their followers, and create appropriate content for the brands presented.


Influencers exist in various areas. We always compare it to a magazine shelf. There are the gossip magazines with which you reach a certain target group and there are many trade magazines. By using AMZ-Influencer, you benefit from the fact that we have access to all these channels and can use them profitably for you.


The whole channels/influencers usually have a great influence on their followers, since they often see them as role models or/and appreciate their expertise and so trust their recommendations particularly strongly. This is a valuable effect for you and your product promotion!   


We also reach the point of demand creation here. Because if you commission an influencer to advertise your product to his followers, people who have possibly never heard of your product will become aware of it. You thus reach significantly more potential buyers, that sometimes have/had no need for your product at all. However, this need is triggered to a great extent by the product presentation and product testing in the respective influencer channels. Because most people already have an account on Amazon anyway and strongly trust this platform, the quick purchase works even more effectively than when promoting to an external online store.

Another advantage is Authentic Brandbuilding through Social Proof

Hired influencers can help you build and showcase your brand in an authentic way.

An influencer incarnates a specific message just like an ad face or testimonial, and by using them on your behalf, their followers will link them to your brand. By using your products, he represents your brand and his image and your brand "merge" easily. Therefore, we find influencers for your Amazon marketing who fit your brand and your product in the best possible way. Thus, a win-win situation.

Amazon Influencer Marketing
Amazon Marketing für deine Produkte
Authentic photos and videos for your Amazon listing

An additional advantage of influencer marketing is that influencers create photos for the respective social media platforms, that you can also use for your Amazon listings after prior consultation. We have a lot of customers who repeatedly use the created content of the influencers for their own marketing, such as social media ads.

Influencer content production saves you a huge amount of work by eliminating the need to produce the photos and videos yourself. And you probably already know that professional and especially authentic photos and videos are a very effective selling point.

Moreover, content production also has the further advantage that numerous influencers already show the products in use or in the appropriate environment to make their feed more interesting. This thus also has a positive effect on your listing, because on Amazon, photos and videos that show the product "in person" are particularly popular with potential buyers.

Make targeted use of external traffic from influencers

Influencers continuously attract external traffic to your listing.

As a rule, influencer marketing uses so-called "tracking links" - links that contain a special code that identifies the influencer directly to the retailer. This forwards the followers directly from another platform, such as Instagram, to the Amazon listing.

Once again, this external traffic has a positive effect on the ranking of your listing as it gives the Amazon algorithm the signal that your offer is particularly attractive for numerous consumers.

externen Traffic nutzen


Interview with Florian Frech

Amazon Influencer Marketing für Ihre Produkte

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Amazon Influencer Marketing Analyse


Preliminary discussion

We get to know you, your products & topics and answers all your questions about working with AMZ Influencer.


Concept & offer

You will receive an offer from us, adapted to your situation, including a campaign concept, to achieve your desired goals.

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Amazon Influencer Marketing

Save time and energy to boost your sales.

With the help of AMZ influencers, you can reach your exact target audience and ensure an immediate purchase request with the direct link to your Amazon product.



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Amazon Influencer Marketing

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